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2014 February 22

Bowling for Equality Supporting the HRC

BFEIf marriage equality is ever to become a national reality we must continue to support the efforts of the HRC. GLU had 2 lanes again this year helping the HRC raise over $14,000.

2013 May 10 GLU members once again supported Mama's Day during this terrific fund raising event raising $220,000 - much apprecition to our volunteers and patrons. If you didn't attend you missed a culinary extravaganza.
2013 May 4 Guys Like Us hosted our 2013 Cinco De Mayo Party
Saturday, May 4th 7PM - 11PM - Thanks to Jared and Joe our Most Excellent Hosts

February 23

Bowling for Equality Supporting the HRC

If marriage equality is ever to become a national reality we must continue to support the efforts of the HRC. There were a dozen GLU regulars working the Kearny Mesa Bowl in support of civil equality for everyone.

February 9

GLU's Annual Mardi Gras Party

Hosted by George Villaverde and Guys Like Us - Birdland was party land as nearly 100 GLU members and friends enjoyed 'cajun' style food and a hosted bar.

December 21

End of the World Place Holder

Perhaps the Mayans were wrong - after all, where are they now? The official GLU position on this is: December 21, 2012 has all the earmarks of another Y2K.

December 15

GLU 2012 Holiday Party

Thanks to lovely hosts Adam and Dem, GLU celebrated the holidays together on a cool, crisp night at their banker's hill home. The guest list exceeded 100 and while some think Santa made an appearance, others are not too sure.

September 30

AIDS Walk 2012

The GLU team was among the top teams fund raising this year thanks to a great team of volunteers and some terrific summer pool parties. Thanks to all our members and guests... you helped us raise all that dough.


August 18

Pool Party August 18 - AIDS Walk Fundraiser

check out the pictures

Master of Ceremonies - Natasha Laquisha

Fashion Show by Luigi Vera, Swinwear by Mankind

DJ Marcel Hetu - Hot and Lovely Bartenders

Proceeds from this pool party will go to AIDS Walk 2012 - we appreciate your support.

Hosted By: Michael Weiss and Castil Li

July 14

Pool Party July - AIDS Walk Fundraiser


Thanks to party hosts, Adam and Dem, lovely bartenders Adrian and Jake and DJ James Adams for a great afternoon and thanks to all our members and friends who made this first pool party of the season a marvelous success.


May 5

Cinco De Mayo PartyCincoDemayo


Thanks to our hosts, Jared and Kevin - another fabulous GLU party

2012 February

Bowling for Equality

BowlersGuys Like Us were amazing at this year's HRC fundraiser, "Bowling for Equality" on February 25 at the world famous Kearney Mesa Bowling Complex. If you missed this you missed a fun afternoon and a great way to support the HRC.

The GLU team had a couple of prize winners... privacy laws (vanity) prohibit naming them and per capita, we had more than our share of stikes and gutter balls.

picture slide show


2012 February

GLU mardi gras party

MardiGrasIt was da bomb and if you missed it you will only have the recollections of your friends to comfort you. Facebook will be awash with pictures no doubt. Thanks to David Miller II for putting together a great party venue and to this year's Best Mask winner John Beal who walked away with a big bottle of Kettle One. Proceeds from this event are earmarked for the GLU Scholarship program, 2012.

picture slide show

2011 December 10

GLU Holiday Party

Special thanks to Dave and Abe for their special hosting skills. If you weren't there you must have been somewhere else in which case you missed a great GLU event.

2011 September 25

GLU AIDS Walk 2011 - September 25th


We walked for GLU in this year's annual AIDS Walk - Thanks to our many members and friends who donated to our fund raising effort Guys Like Us is again honored with the distinction of "Top Social/Sports Club." Thanks to Chris B for hosting a great after the walk brunch - mimosa's never tasted so good.

Click on our shoe to see a short slideshow of event photos.

2011 August 2

GLU pool party 2 August 6 - thanks for a whopping success

GLU pool party 2 -

Pictures from the joey bamboo collection and from President Cris Torres 

A portion of the proceeds from GLU Pool Party 2 went to AIDSWalk 2011

2011 July 9

GLU pool party on July 9 - Big Success

Get Off Your Back and Buy Your Tickets NOW

GLU pool party is over and the memories are all in your head, in your camera, someone elsee's camera and all over facebook.

More than 200 GLU boys attended the first pool party of the year and thanks to everyone who was there GLU will be donating $3800 to AIDS Walk 2011 - This is only the beginning. Watch for details on how you can join the GLU team and walk with us to support AIDS Walk 2011. Send your favorite pool party pictures and share them here

2011 April 30

April 30 - GLU Party - Cinco de Mayo

GLU parties rock and this one was no exception. Thanks to all who participated in yet another GLU event, to hosts Jared and Kevin for sharing their lovely home and to the GLU elite for all the food and the fun. Pictures are already circulating around Facebook (don't believe everything you see)

2011 May 6

Mama's Day

GLU joined the ranks of the Mama's Day Patrons and Volunteers for another outstanding fundrasing event.

Volunteers get in free and work the rooms looking marvelous and selling raffle tickets. Food for thought for next year

2011 February 28

HRC's Bowling for Equality packed the Kearny Mesa Bowling alley and our GLU lane was smack dab in the middle - we joined a few hundred others to raise money for HRC while having a g reat time.

2010 February 27

HRC's Bowling for Equality packed the Kearny Mesa Bowling alley and our GLU lane was smack dab in the middle - we joined a few hundred others to raise money for HRC while having a g reat time.

2010 February 13

MardiGras Party - Hosts Adam and Dem welcomed GLU to their home for the 2010 Mardi Gras party, highlighted by the presentation of the JR Cumberland Scholarship recipients

2010 January 17

Mama's Kitchen Food Drive - Guys Like Us worked the crowd at the Ralph's in Hillcrest getting donations of food items in support of Mama's Kitchen -

2009 November 14

Abe and Dave hosted this year's annual Thanksgiving Party where the GLU family comes together and celebrates another bountiful harvest of friendships...

2009 September 27

AIDS Walk 2009 - Guys Like Us came together and raised over $10,000 placing us among the top 10 teams and winning for us another team trophy - generous members and fabulous fundraisers once again demonstrated GLU = party and purpose

2009 August 8

GLU Pool Party SPLASH was another example of GLU brotherhood, okay sisterhood if you will... thanks to our gracious hosts Michael Weiss and _________ and a cast of thousands it was a great afternoon

2009 June 20

Another Fabulous GLU Pool Party hosted by Paul and helped raise needed funds for AIDS Walk 2009 and the JR Cumberland Scholarship fund

2009 May 2

Cinco de Mayo Party - GLU Style - hosted by Chris and Juan - Pictures Wanted

2009 April 24

Happy Birthday Barbra

2009 Mar 8

Tupperware Fundraiser at the Center - GLU sponsored Dixie Longate and her 'trailer trash' Tupperware show raising needed funds for the Center and for the coffers of Guys Like Us

2009 Mar 3

PicNic in the Park - Balboa Park starting at noon - come for fun, friends, BBQ and Volleyball - check email for eVite

2009 Mar 01

Mama's Kitchen Food Drive - Guys Like Us joined others at the Ralph's in Hillcrest to solicit donations of food items in support of Mama's Kitchen -

2009 Feb 28

Bowling for Equality - The Kearny Mesa Bowl never had it so good as GLBT folks filled the place and raised funds for the Human Rights Campaign - Check their web site

2009 Feb 21

MardiGras Party - A house filled with Cajun style boys marked the first major party of 2009 - Thanks to host Adam

December 13, 2008

Holiday Party - Ron and José hosted this year's annual Holiday party and it was another rousing success... photos are coming

Novemeber 15, 2008

Thanksgiving GLU style at the home of George and Gary in Birdland. Scrumptuous food and a beautiful crowd made this a special night to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends.

Novemeber 15, 2008

GLU was recognized with a fund raising award from San Diego Aids Walk 2008 during their post walk cruise celebration.

Novemeber 15, 2008

GLU Members participated in the National Protest Against Prop 8 and in support of equal rights - 1030 at 6th and Upas, march to downtown and rally at t he County Admin building at 1300 - Details

October 25, 2008

GLU Halloween III -  Anderson Cooper and Wendy were the costume prise winners and nowhere has there been a bigger collection of Trojans since they closed the condom store in Hillcrest

October 10, 2008

San Diego Asian Film Festival - Check their web site
GLU co-sponsored Friday night's Queer Shorts event where several short films were exposéd to the delight of a crowd quite clearly entertained

October 4, 2008

Pool Party No on 8 Members of GLU and friends from all over San Diego got together for a fun afternoon in the sun - pool side in a community fundraiser to defeat state proposition 8.

September 28, 2008

AIDS Walk 2008 - The GLU team signed up 28 walkers this year and raised over $8,000 - a proud moment for GysLikeUs as they walked in honor of their recently departed friend JR Cumberland

August 16, 2008

Pool Party III - A sizzling Success - This GLU fund raiser for AIDS WALK 2008 was HOT... the pool deck was crowded - the fashion show revealing and the go-go boys delicious...

July 12, 2008

Car Wash at the Center, 0900-1500 (9am - 3pm) - GLU members took off their sleeves and raise over $500 helping to make Hillcrest just a little bit cleaner.

May 25, 2008

PicNic in the Park - Food, friends and fun in the sun was the theme in beautiful Balboa Park for Volleyball and summer cruising. The long memorial Day weekend afforded a better opportunity for our GLU members and friends and attendance was high. Added attraction for this picnic - Massage Therapist Tae Kim volunteered his renowned massage chair for 10-20 sessions - proceeds are earmarked for the GLU scholoarship fund

May 9, 2008

Mama's Day - A team of GLU members volunteered at this year's annual Mama's Day fundraiser at the LaJolla Hyatt Regency where their combined talents helped raise over $7000 for Mama's Kitchen San Diego. See the photo link for all the details.

May 3, 2008

Cinco de Mayo party was another triumphant GLU event at Ron's lovely Point Loma home. Who is doing what with the bachelors from the previous week's aunction event was a common yack at the party which was very well attended.

April 27, 2008

Bachelor Auction at Flicks - Everyone was there, the bachelors were glorious and GLU raised important dollars to support the many events and charities we support -

March 8, 2008

A GLU Car Wash fund-raiser - We need washers, driers, front men, sign twirlers and lots of smiling faces to draw in the crowds and make all the cars in Hillcrest shine like diamonds

March 2, 2008

Mama's Kitchen Food Drive - Guys Like Us gather at the Ralph's in Hillcrest to solicit donations of food items in support of Mama's Kitchen - We expect the GLU participation in 2008 to rival that of 2007

November 17, 2007

Thanskgiving GLU Style - GLU thanks our lovely hosts for opening their home to a larger than expected crowd of mostly well behaved partiers - The traditional Thanksgiving fare was fractionally fabulous but if you didn't arrive before 9pm you missed out on he succulent turkey morsels.

October 26, 2007

Halloween Party II - Marsh Harbor never experienced such a memorable holiday party and the crowd at Joel's place was brimming with imaginitive costumes and glu-juice. Party favorites were the sexy egyptian guards, a platoon of fabulous indians and Spiderman who filled out his tights just fine.... If you missed this one you should be howling now!

October 11-18

San Diego Asian Film Festival Check out the SDAFF web site
GLU schedule
Friday, Oct 12 at 7:15pm - Queer Shorts - co-sponsored by Guys Like Us
On Sunday the 14th at 5:15 pm, our very own JR Cumberland is sponsoring the only full length movie, "No Regret"

September 8, 2007

AIDS Walk 2007 Fundraiser, Cocktail Party - working toward our goal of raising $10K this year in support of San Diego AIDS charities the GLU boys put on a most festive party which was very well attended thanks to our team's spirit and our gracious hosts.

August 19, 2007

Another fabulous GLU PicNic in the Park - the volleyball court was ablaze with major sports prowess (guys with their shirts off) and the grill with PicNic favorites - the GLU traveling retail shop was trading the latest GLU T-shirts for contributions to the GLU general fund and the Lemonade really raised your spirits...

July 21, 2007

Pride Party at the Powerhouse Gym in Hillcrest - the parade view was outstanding and the gym quite generous and accommodating

July 14, 2007

Pool Party - More than 200 guys came to show off their summer tans and to check out all the others - the go-go boys were exquisite , the fashion show entertaining and it was - A Smashing SUCCESS

January 27, 2007

2007 Kick Off Party
El and Christian hosted the first GLU event of 2007 at their home in Manila Mesa - proceeds from the night's event went to the GLU general fund.

February 10, 2007

Valentine's Party Fund-raiser
90 plus guys graced the home of Andrew and Terry for a heart shaped party and GLU fund-raiser. A silent auction was held for 2 romantic dinners for two to be crafted and served in the highest bidders homes. Congrats JR, Jake and Ron. Proceeds from this successful night went to the GLU general fund.

March 4, 2007
June 3, 2007
August 5, 2007

Mama's Kitchen Food Drive in front of Ralph's in Hillcrest - each time the GLU team gets together for this event the Mama's Kitchen staff are more than pleased with the generous amount of donations the GLU boys collect - This Sunday proved to be another success for GLU and for mama's Kitchen ...

March 17, 2007

St Patty's Day Car Wash at the Center in Hillcrest - 0900-1500
GLU member volunteers needed for all the fun car wash jobs... find the pot of gold, kiss a Leprechaun... wash dirty fenders... scrub the tires and greet the local boys -If you missed it we're sure sorry - the GLU boys raised $$$$ for the GLU general fund

April 6,7,8, 2007

White Party at Palm Springs - we can't dish it all here but there will be photos and some enticing "what you missed" for those not able to attend

April 21, 2007

GLU PicNic in the park - great food, friends and a balloon toss that had all (okay, most) of the girls screaming their lungs out - nothing quite like a sunny afternoon and a wiener and a bun...

May 5, 2007

Cinco de Mayo Party at Chris and Juan's home. Pics are on the home page and the faces on the crowd say it all - thanks to our special hosts and the GLU leadership for putting this fun night together.


Going Back in Time..........
April 1, 2006 pre Auction Kick-Off Party
April 2, 2006 Bachelor Auction at Flicks
April 16,2006 Mama's Kitchen Food Drive
April 22, 2006 PicNic in the Park
May 13, 2006 Car Wash at the Center
May 20, 2006 Long Beach Pride
June 4, 2006 Mama's Kitchen Food Drive
July 1, 2006 Fabulous Pool Party
July 29, 2006 GLU at San Diego Pride
August 5, 2006 New members Meet & Greet Party
August 12, 2006 Car Wash at the Center
August 13, 2006 Picnic in the Park
August 20, 2006 Mama's Kitchen Food Drive
September 9, 2006 AIDS Walk Benefit Cocktail Party
October 1, 2006 AIDS Walk 2006
October 13, 2006 7th Annual Asian Film Festival
October 15, 2006 Mama's Kitchen Food Drive