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Guys Like Us = GLU is a San Diego based, social organization dedicated to fostering harmony within the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) community with a global emphasis on tolerance. Members share a common interest in the Asian culture and are dedicated to fostering ethnic unity and diversity. Membership includes gay Asians and their friends and we are devoted to providing social support, camaraderie, and a positive growth environment. We love ourselves, we love our friends and we love our community. And in that order we share, we party and we support those less fortunate through our common interest in the community and our zeal to raise funds in support of local charities.

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As you look at the GLU history be sure to check out the pictures and videos in the Photo Gallery which we have captured to tell the GLU story. If you have stories or images you would like to share please send them to GLU Email

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Enjoy these vintage GLU event images. Gee I wonder if he is still with him...?


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